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I COULD HAVE told my sister to sober up BUT INSTEAD I let her run away with another alcoholic.

16, F
Sugar Grove, IL, USA

My sister Ashley does a lot of bad things like drugs, alcohol, and she manipulates everyone she meets. Last September, she got into a car crash when she was drunk. she should've died. Instead, she returns home after about a month, and says she's starting a 'new life.' that this is her second chance to be someone. Now, Ashley has been doing drugs since she was 14, and me (being her younger sister by 10 years) thought she was telling the truth. it had been a few weeks that she was home, and she told me she wanted to go catch up with her old friend Phil. it was late, and my mom was asleep. I agreed, being the gullible person I was. Well, thanks to me, she is now prowling the streets of cities around us, looking for guys who will take her in or give her some cash, or drugs, or anything. she is consumed by her addictions, and keeps blaming our mother for her being this way, even though our mother is the most caring person in the world.