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I COULD HAVE gone along with your plans for the wedding in silence BUT INSTEAD I I threw a gigantic fit and made you cry..

30, F
York, PA, USA

My mother, who can be a bit overbearing at times, basically planned my entire wedding. She's a very strong willed and stubborn person... a trait she passed along to me. My entire wedding planning was nothing but a nightmare. I fought with my mom every step of the way. I even (childishly) kept a notebook of all the things I hated and didn't get my way. I am thankful she never came across that notebook. I made her cry one night and I have never felt guiltier. Although she made the entire experience hell and I didn't get much my way, I knew she only did it because she loved me and wanted everything to be perfect. And it was. Everyone that went loved everything about the wedding. And to this day, even though I know it wasn't the wedding of my dreams, I can't say that I care at all anymore. And I wish that I hadn't been such an asshole to her the whole time. It almost tore us apart. Every day I think about saying I'm sorry, but I'm just too stubborn to do it. I've been married for 6 years.