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I COULD HAVE watched my kids grow up BUT INSTEAD I had to work two jobs to make ends meet.

51, M
Shawnee, Kansas, United States

My wife lost a job in which we depended on the income and we couldn't make in on just one income. I took a second job and I leave home for the first job before anyone is up . I get to see the family for about 20 minutes between jobs. When I get home, everyone is asleep.

Thankfully, they all understand and the family tells me often how they appreciate me working so hard. We cram family life into the weekends since I only work M-F.

I've missed both kids growing up for the last 4 years, transitioning from elementary school into middle school. It certainly hasn't my wife's and mine relationship.

As a positive, I will be able to quit the second job in a few months and hopefully we all will grow together and stronger. We have thought our kids to focus on positives rather than negatives and they have been very understanding throughout this whole thing.