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I COULD HAVE not let our little differences push us apart BUT INSTEAD I let them ruin us..

23, F
Garner, NC, USA

Last night I had a dream about you. It was summer, we were at that dingy little ice cream shop that everybody hangs out at. You were smiling and laughing, and I was so happy just to be with you.

But I woke up. Things aren't like that anymore. You've moved on, you've matured. You care too much about your reputation to be in a relationship with another girl. You would never admit that you're still in love with me. And it hurts. I've been so lonely, I've gone back to all my bad habits, and I miss you so much.

So, if you ever need me, I'll be here, stuck in this little old trailer park town while you're out doing big things, picturing what we could have been and praying that I'll have another dream about you.