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607 regrets

I COULD HAVE been happier enjoying the moment our love BUT INSTEAD I spent my time worrying about our future..

27, M
Mexico, DF, Mexico

I had this girlfriend. I loved her madly. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that she was the only woman I would ever want to be with. I wanted my life with her; my life wasn't only mine anymore. But I failed to live the present. I was always distraught and absent of our relationship by worrying on my job and whatever I had to make to get us a flat and move with her. I failed to realize this and when I had finally opened my eyes it was too late. She hadn't been comfortable with the status quo and opportunity and chance introduced her to another man whom she left me for. It was hell. But I learned a lot from this. Today I can say that I am better and way happier. More mindful and attentive and now I don't have regrets.