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On Love

Love is a concept. It is a human system that functions at maximum capacity as a feedback loop. It routes respect, empathy, desire, safety, warmth, and magic between people. I believe in the building of structures to support such a fragile and enigmatic concept. I dream of a future where my actions can be evaluated, sorted, and prioritized vis-à-vis conflicting demands for time, energy, and resources, so that I can effectivly and efficiently contribute to the project of love. But love lacks algorithmic certainty; it is untamed, inexplicable, uncontrollable. We must coax it into the corners of our lives and commit ourselves to the task of building a world in its image. I am commited to that task.

About This Project

No Time for Love collects stories of regret from people dealing with the delicate balance of life, love and labor. In a reality where time is finite, prioritizing love, in any form, can be challenging. This project acknowledges that struggle.

About Chris Barr

Chris Barr is an artist currently living and working in Miami. His artistic work is concerned with contemporary labor patterns, communication, time, and interpersonal relationships. His work spans various media including web-based media, performance, installation and video. He believes in radical interconnectivity and gentle subversion.

Email: chris@chrisbarr.net
Twitter: @heychrisbarr

More Love

This project has been commissioned for More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s at the Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Organized by consulting curator Claire Schneider, the exhibition includes nearly 50 works of art that actively engage with love and the many ways it can be expressed through beauty, emotion, humor, texts, elaborate craft, sound environments, and interactive projects.


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